New Year Message from Her Ladyship The Chief Justice, Justice Sophia A.B. Akuffo

The year 2018 presents an opportunity for the Judiciary to renew its commitment to the highest standards of judicial quality and output. It is for good reason that our theme for the 2017-2018 Legal Year is “Quality Judges, Delivering Quality Justice”.

As the third arm of State, we must endeavour at all times to be scrupulous and not capricious in the application of judicial discretion. We have to be keenly aware and judicially and socially conscious of the impact of our decisions on the larger society and the environment, if our judgments are to stand the test of relevancy. It is my expectation that in 2018, our Environmental Courts will hand down decisions that will provide the strongest indication of our commitment to the fight against illegal extraction of natural resources and other human activities detrimental to our environment.  

We have a duty to ensure that our decisions have a positive impact on the society we serve. Our application of the law must be totally devoid of absurdity. The impact and effectiveness of our output must lead to judicial outcomes that provide assurance of law and order in this country. It is important not only for the institution but also for our democracy and the health of our nation. In the year 2018, we should exceed all expectations by delivering quality judgments and orders and working optimally through effective case management to produce excellence at all levels of Court.

I am confident that with the support of Court and administrative staff, working diligently and with focus and purpose, we will together, give the people of Ghana the quality justice they deserve and expect from us.

I wish you all a productive and successful 2018!


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